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Pacific Epoch: Commentary on Chinese technology, media and telecommunications industry.
Categories: Business, Media & Advertising, Technology
(Greater China » Mainland China » Shanghai)

PanAsianBiz: PanAsianBiz is a blog about business in Asia - China, Japan, Korea, Far East Russia and India. The blogger lived and worked in Asia for nearly 20 years. He is married to a Chinese national and they live in work in Silicon Valley.
Categories: Business, Culture
(Outside China » United States of America » California » San José)

play the game of life: The blog of an American sourcing agent in Kunming, China. You'll find stories about business, traveling in China, learning languages, training for triathlons, practicing gong fu and more...
Categories: Business, Expat Life, Language
(Greater China » Mainland China » Yunnan » Kunming)

Pomfret’s China: PostGlobal is an experiment in global, collaborative journalism, a running discussion of important issues among dozens of the world's best-known editors and writers. It aims to create a truly global dialogue, drawing on independent journalists in the countries where news is happening — from China to Iran, from South Africa to Saudi Arabia, from Mexico to India.
Categories: Business, Current Events
(Greater China)

Rise of the Red Dragon : Latest news, developments, food, culture, and entertainment of China.
Categories: Business, Culture, Current Events

Shanghai Family Finance: Welcome to the Shanghai Family Finance — one of the China Financial Planning group of sites. Our aim is to bring expats and international Chinese unbiased, timely data about products, services and trends that will affect your financial future.
Categories: Business, Chinese View, Current Events
(Greater China)

Shanghai Property Investor: Shangahi Property Investor is part of the China Financial Planning family of sites, dedicated to helping the international community in China make informed, well-considered investment decisions. A joint effort between financial industry participants such as the Elite Investment Group and independent bloggers, Shanghai Property Investor offers its viewpoint succintly and persuasively — but it is a single viewpoint. It’s ok to be skeptical — but don’t fall into the trap of cynicism.
Categories: Business, Chinese View, Current Events
(Greater China)

Shanghai Scrap: Observations on Asia and the world by Adam Minter, an American writer in Shanghai.
Categories: Business, Current Events, Media & Advertising
(Greater China » Mainland China » Shanghai)

Shenzhen Undercover : A Chinese-American's journey to understand China: cultural insights, Johnny Walker, politicking and toys ... all while attempting to blend into the background
Categories: Business, Culture, Politics
(Greater China » Mainland China » Guangdong » Shenzhen)

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