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ChinaSolved: China business solutions for international managers.
Categories: Business, Expat Life, Media & Advertising
(Greater China » Mainland China » Shanghai)

ChinaSolved: We help you to learn from the success -- and failures -- of those that have walked here before you. China has been opening for 25 years, and we are beginning to get a sense of what works and what doesn't. But we are also aware that the last 25 years in China have been dynamic and even tumultuous at times, so it is important to be analytical and forward-looking when approaching China business. We hope to help international managers in China to navigate the everchanging landscape of Chinese business environment and reach success.
Categories: Business, Chinese View
(Greater China)

ChinaSource : ChinaSource is a sourcing blog for supplies from China. The purpose is to inform, research, encourage and facilitate international trade on products and services from China with the international community and exchange information of mutual benefit to all.
Categories: Business, Current Events, Technology
(Greater China » Hong Kong)

Chinatells: CHINATELLS is a Non Profit Organization that offers totally free platform for anyone who is interested in China to exchange information, view and thoughts. The purpose of Chinatells is to improve the mutual understanding between China and international community.
Categories: Business, Chinese View

Chinese Internet : Covering the Asian internet and mobile markets, with emphasis on China. In English and French.
Categories: Business, Technology
(Greater China » Mainland China » Guangdong » Guangzhou)

Chinese Language and Culture: There's a new Chinese Blog at, written by an American in Beijing. It contains some interesting, thoughtful posts on Chinese language and culture, as well as sample vocabulary and online flashcard vocabulary practice, including native speakers pronouncing the words you're learning. You can subscribe to it through an RSS feed. Everyone is welcome to leave comments in the comment area of the blog, too!
Categories: Business, Culture, Language
(Greater China » Mainland China » Beijing)

Cleaner Greener China: Products, policies, technologies, businesses, and entrepreneurs in China that will create a more sustainable China.
Categories: Business, Current Events, Technology
(Greater China » Mainland China)

CNReviews: CNReviews is a blog about China’s blogosphere, travel, entrepreneurship, and the urban lifestyle of the generations born in the 70s and 80s in China. David Feng is based in Beijing, where he authors TechBlog86, runs Beijingology, and serves as President of BeiMac Union. Elliott Ng is an venture-backed Web 2.0 entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. Min Guo is a Shanghai-based Internet analyst and blogger.
Categories: Business, Current Events
(Greater China)

Crossing Cultures: Life of one expat family in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
Categories: Business, Culture, Expat Life
(Greater China » Mainland China » Guangdong » Guangzhou)

Crossroads: Crossroads provides a forum for discussion of the latest events, trends, companies and people defining CSR in China.
Categories: Business, Culture, Current Events

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