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In which I move to China.: A general blog about my exploits in Tianjin, China.
Categories: Diary, Expat Life, Teacher Life
(Greater China » Mainland China » Tianjin)

James Huang - Far far away from Scouseland: I was born to Chinese parents in Liverpool. I grew up being confused about whether I was British or Chinese. I chose the former. Then I decided to live in China and become an English teacher and Mandarin student. I teach professional and learn erratically. This blog is about sharing my feelings and observations about my life in China and the impact of today’s socio-economic situation on left-handed chartered surveyors.
Categories: Chinese View, Diary
(Outside China » United Kingdom)

Jenny's In Hong Kong : The experiences of a young British girl making the most of her gap year in Hong Kong.
Categories: Diary, Teacher Life, Travelogue
(Greater China » Hong Kong)

Jonny Blueberries: As a former teacher in Fuzhou, Fujian, China, and a world traveler since the age of 17, Jonny Blueberries doesn't pull any punches when blogging about travel experiences, English or even a....happy ending!
Categories: Culture, Diary, Photography
(Greater China)

Just Another Blog: this blog is about the life of a Singaporean family relocated to Suzhou, China to work. it described the encounter, the tour, the surrounding of the family.
Categories: Diary, Expat Life, Travelogue
(Greater China » Mainland China » Jiangsu » Suzhou)

Just Another Dumb Laowai : A mid-life crisis resulted in me dumping everything and moving to Beijing to learn Mandarin. How hard could it be? Yeah, right!
Categories: Diary, Expat Life, Student Life
(Greater China » Mainland China » Beijing)

Laowai in Shanghai : I just turned 30 and decided it was time to document my life events. Currently I am a laowai teaching English in Shanghai. I am here with my husband and 5 year old son.
Categories: Diary, Teacher Life, Travelogue
(Greater China » Mainland China » Shanghai)

Lee In China: One man's pathetic, puerile attempt to record the excruciating minutiae of his daily life in Beijing.
Categories: Culture, Diary, Expat Life
(Greater China » Mainland China » Beijing)

Life caught between rewind and fast-forward : I'm Chinese, but I write in English more often. Maybe my blog can bring a different perspective.
Categories: Chinese View, Culture, Diary
(Greater China » Mainland China » Beijing)

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