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China Hearsay: China law, business and economics commentary
Categories: Business, Politics
(Greater China » Mainland China » Beijing)

China in Depth: A blog with a definite focus on China's Economy and it's Economic impact on the rest of the world.
Categories: Business
(Greater China » Mainland China » Beijing)

China Journal: The Wall Street Journal's China Journal tracks the changes taking place in the world's most populous country, to explain developments in the country's business world, economy, and culture.
Categories: Business, Culture, Current Events

China Key Person: is part of the China Financial Planning family of sites and is sponsored by the Elite Investment Group ( This site is designed to help top managers in China discover and comment on new strategies in compensation and negotiation. Salary is just one of many variables when you are negotiation a compensation package — particulalry where multinational corporations are involved. No matter how big a raise or bonus you negotiate for yourself, non-cash and deferred compensation plans can still make up a big percentage of your total package. CKP helps you understand the value of each negotiating point — and discusses innovative ways of increasing your benefit.
Categories: Business
(Greater China)

China Law Blog: China law for business.
Categories: Business
(Outside China » United States of America » Washington » Seattle)

China Law Practice Blog: China Law Practice Blog is written by the International Section of Grandall Legal Group, with contributors from USA, Canada, Spain, Malaysia and China.
Categories: Business, Current Events
(Greater China » Mainland China » Beijing)

China Media Observation: China Media Observation observes and reviews on China media industries, policies and academic researches. We also aggregates related news and blog entries from Internet.
Categories: Business, Media & Advertising, Politics
(Outside China » United Kingdom » London)

China Policy Blog: The blog url on this website is broken as we transferred to the new content management system on 28th April, 2008. Please update the link to Many thanks.
Categories: Business, Current Events, Politics
(Outside China » United Kingdom)

China Radar: China Radar is a weblog in german. An online marketer describes his point of view ....
Categories: Business, Culture, Politics
(Outside China » Germany)

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