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A Shanghai Eye: Artist's paintblog, some art news, interviews and other stuff
Categories: Culture, Diary
(Greater China » Mainland China » Shanghai)

A Slow Boat to China: Some of the most interesting insight on China comes from Chinese--the number of blogs in China has exploded, and many of them would be very interesting to Western readers. I've tried to select interesting posts from the blogs/non-traditional media outlets I read and translate them into English. I add my own commentary as well, but mostly I'm hoping to give a few insightful Chinese a larger voice.
Categories: Chinese View, Culture, Language

Abroadsided: Coping with Culture Shock: Observations from a first-time traveler to Asia on living in Beijing.
Categories: Culture, Photography, Student Life
(Greater China » Mainland China » Beijing)

Absurdity, Allegory and China: The Kingdom from another angle.
Categories: Current Events, Photography
(Greater China » Mainland China » Tianjin)

Adventures of an Australian English Teacher : An Australian English Teacher's account of her life in China - at a school in Shaoxing. Photos and stories.
Categories: Diary, Teacher Life, Travelogue
(Greater China » Mainland China » Zhejiang)

Adventures of the Humanaught: The discursive writings of a Canadian teaching English in Suzhou, China. Thoughts on culture, politics, food, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.
Categories: Expat Life, Teacher Life, Travelogue
(Greater China » Mainland China » Jiangsu » Suzhou)

Adventures on this World: A diary of my adventures in China including travels, sporting events and everyday life.
Categories: Diary, Expat Life, Travelogue
(Greater China » Mainland China » Jiangsu » Suzhou)

ahdont: Tales of an expat living who spends most of his time climbing.
Categories: Diary, Expat Life
(Greater China » Hong Kong)

Aimee Barnes: provides business insights and interviews with top Chinese business professionals, entrepreneurs, and government officials who are interested in forging mutually valuable partnerships with overseas investors. Posts cover a wide array of industries and opportunities throughout China.
Categories: Business, Culture
(Outside China » United States of America » New York » New York City)

All about Asia: Assorted clippings from the asian world. China, Japan, and Korea in particular.
Categories: Culture, Language, Student Life
(Outside China » United States of America » New York)

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