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Geo - Out from Down Under: Pictures, Comments and Articles about China, Taiwan, and Australia.
Categories: Culture, Expat Life, Language
(Greater China » Taiwan » Zhongli)

Tea Arts : Ceremony procedures and rules, brewing methods, tea ceremonies, tea demonstration, and outings.
(Greater China » Taiwan » Taipei)

The View from Taiwan : An American university professor comments on life in Taiwan.
(Greater China » Taiwan » Taichung)

Notes of a former native speaker: Comments about life in Taiwan, rhetoric, and other odds and ends.
(Greater China » Taiwan » Taichung)

Yogayuga : A girl from Hong Kong writes about experiences living in different places.
Categories: Diary, Photography
(Greater China » Taiwan » Taipei)

The Taipei Kid: An American's commentary on society and politics in Taiwan.
(Greater China » Taiwan » Taipei)

3q2u: Experiences of an "Okinawan/Denver hybrid" in the music business.
(Greater China » Taiwan » Taipei)

Ugly Expat: American TEFL/musician experiences.
(Greater China » Taiwan » Hsinchu)

Poagao's Journal: Experiences of an ex-American Taiwanese immigrant.
(Greater China » Taiwan » Taipei)

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