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ahdont: Tales of an expat living who spends most of his time climbing.
Categories: Diary, Expat Life
(Greater China » Hong Kong)

Big White Guy: Experiences, observations, and stories of HK.
(Greater China » Hong Kong)

China Confidential: Critical reporting and analysis about China's rise, with a focus on human rights, foreign policy and military build-up and the neglected story of the left-behind rural poor.
(Greater China » Hong Kong)

China Droll : My life as a blawg, featuring Beautiful Dudes, travels in China, rants about Hong Kong's ridiculous government and scathing musings on HK life in general
Categories: Current Events, Language, Travelogue
(Greater China » Hong Kong)

ChinaSource : ChinaSource is a sourcing blog for supplies from China. The purpose is to inform, research, encourage and facilitate international trade on products and services from China with the international community and exchange information of mutual benefit to all.
Categories: Business, Current Events, Technology
(Greater China » Hong Kong)

Couldtry - Hong Kong : An attempt at life in Hong Kong.
Categories: Diary, Expat Life, Media & Advertising
(Greater China » Hong Kong)

Daai Tou Laam Diary : The thoughts of an American expat in Hong Kong living on an "underlying island."
Categories: Politics
(Greater China » Hong Kong)

East South West North Blog: Global culture and politics, emphasis on China.
Categories: Culture, Current Events, Politics
(Greater China » Hong Kong)

Expatacular!: Expatacular! is a social network and blog for expats from every corner of this jagged little rock we live on.
Categories: Diary, Expat Life, Travelogue
(Greater China » Hong Kong)

Hemlock's Diary : Satirical commentary on Hong Kong and Chinese politics.
(Greater China » Hong Kong)

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