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China Business Blog: Putting China business news in context - from China Business Services Limited.
Categories: Business, Current Events
(Outside China » United Kingdom » London)

China Economics Blog : A place to find news, observations, statistics, information on postgraduate education in economics and academic analysis of important issues for China's economy including economic growth, inequality, exchange rates, the environment, foreign direct investment, WTO and much more.
Categories: Business, Student Life, Teacher Life
(Outside China » United Kingdom)

China Media Observation: China Media Observation observes and reviews on China media industries, policies and academic researches. We also aggregates related news and blog entries from Internet.
Categories: Business, Media & Advertising, Politics
(Outside China » United Kingdom » London)

China Policy Blog: The blog url on this website is broken as we transferred to the new content management system on 28th April, 2008. Please update the link to Many thanks.
Categories: Business, Current Events, Politics
(Outside China » United Kingdom)

China Travel Industry Blog: Information about China's tourism sector to anyone who is interested in China and travel. The author Roy Graff is managing director of CContact, a market entry specialist for the Chinese tourism industry.
Categories: Business, Current Events, Media & Advertising
(Outside China » United Kingdom » London)

For Sale In China: Opening business in china, trading with china and personal experiences - business and private life. Edited by Richard Kaye - Managing director of the Firedup Group of companies.
Categories: Business, Culture
(Outside China » United Kingdom)

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